Sea Monsters Group Shot

Meet our mischievous group of curious and adventurous undersea friends.

FinnFlying FishCharacter Image

FinnFlying Fish

Flying Fish

Finn is a young, mischievous flying fish with a punk rock edge. He loves playing pranks, ignoring rules, and listening to really loud music. Even when he bites off more than he can chew, Finnie’s impish good humor (almost) always saves the day.

PepCharacter Image


Ravioli Starfish

Pep is a baby starfish and the youngest Sea Monster. Determined to keep up with the “big kids,” he is constantly asking questions and trying to be a part of everything they do. Pep can stick himself in the most unexpected places – and eat incredible piles of food.

NinaCharacter Image


Hood Coral

Nina is a crafty sea coral. Her limestone body houses a multitude of small animals, fish, and algae. Nina says her “crown” tubes prove she is in charge, and uses them to amplify her voice so she can boss her friends around.

Stan ChinCharacter Image

Stan Chin

Sea Urchin

Stan Chin is a lazy sea urchin and proud of it. He uses his smarts to do as little work as possible. Although he doesn’t move much, he’s prickly and is always ready with a verbal (or physical) jab if someone gets on his nerves.

BrainCharacter Image


Brain Coral

Brains is a super smart brain coral. Wide-eyed with awe and excitement, he wants to learn as much as he can – about everything! Right now! Brains is very, very attached to his hat, which he calls his “thinking cap.”

KiKiCharacter Image


Kiki Yellow Boxfish

Kiki is a cheerful, happy-go-lucky pufferfish. Small but mighty, she is a speedy little fish who can instantly puff to more than double her usual size. Kiki is super loyal and even braver for her friends than she is for herself.