Sea Monsters are yummy, good for your body, AND the planet.
You CAN have it all!

Seaweed is regenerative, zero-input, and helps reverse global warming.

This fast-growing, nutrient–dense sea vegetable only needs sunshine, carbon dioxide, and naturally occurring nutrients in the oceans to thrive. Seaweed is both a sustainable source of food and a store for carbon. It truly deserves to be called a "Superfood!" AND seaweed’s umami flavor brings a rich depth to our puffs that you can’t find anywhere!

Our Supergrain Sorghum is a carbon-reducing gluten-free ancient grain.

Sorghum's superpower is its adaptability to climate challenges like heat and drought, requiring an eye-popping 30% less water than other grains. It also captures 25% more carbon during respiration than other grass-based crops. Its mild, nutty flavor pairs deliciously with our umami seaweed and punchy, savory seasonings.

Sea Monsters are Non-GMO Project Verified.

This certification process helps ensure that all of our ingredients are cultivated by farmers who feel a connection to the planet . The Non-GMO Project standards include stringent provisions for testing, traceability and quality assurance.