Baked Organic Puffs 12-Pack Box

The perfect blend of umami from our ancient grain sorghum and seaweed puffs dusted with delicious organic seasonings. 

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Finn Mascot Image

Cheese Pizza Mascot


Flying Fish
Finn is a young, mischievous flying fish with a punk rock edge. He loves playing pranks, ignoring rules, and listening to really loud music. Even when he bites off more than he can chew, Finnie’s impish good humor (almost) always saves the day.
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Stan Chin Mascot Image

Vegan Ranch Mascot

Stan Chin

Sea Urchin
Stan Chin is a lazy sea urchin and proud of it. He uses his smarts to do as little work as possible. Although he doesn’t move much, he’s prickly and is always ready with a verbal (or physical) jab if someone gets on his nerves.
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